1. Can you tell us a little about yourself? (Where your from, interests, year and course etc.)
Well I'm from 'tother' side of the Pennines so Lancashire born and bread but get called 'Yorkshire Man' when I'm out and about in Oldham. Unfortunately I'm in my last year at University but i have had the best 3 years of my life in Leeds and despite being a mature student I've definitely matured as a person.  
2. When did you start games society and why?
Well the society was formed in 2010, after sitting in a five year course overview where first, second and third years were invited and only five people actually attended, I decided to try and bring all the years together by putting together the society. Whilst in the meeting there was two third years who had never spoke to each other in their three years at university. I myself thought this was kind of weird so this also influenced my decision. Back in 2010 we started with 18 members which were basically the games design group i was in but now i can say we have over 200 people and we have come a hell of a long way since then.  

3. What does the society offer for its members?On our facebook page we put 'Play Games, Make Friends, Drink, Basically have fun!' and we have stuck that. Fortnightly tournaments where players have the chance to win copies of new games (this is very popular) but we also do quizzes, nights out and nights in. We try and always have a video game theme with most of these.  

4. Do you have any upcoming events?As the university year is drawing to an end we are trying to push through as many tournaments and events as possible. We are currently promoting FIFA Street Tournament for after easter and then we have Ghost Recon, Gears of War and a BYOGN (Bring your own game night). Then rounding the year of with paintball :) hopefully!

5. Leeds MET Games Society has been nominated for society of the year, can you tell us about this? (What it is and how you feel about being nominated)The Union Awards is Leeds Met Students Union's way of recognising and thanking everyone who gets involved and makes us the great organisation we are. From Societies to Volunteers, Sports Clubs to Student Media we want to celebrate everything you have achieved this year. It being held at The Carriageworks Theatre. (sorry i stole this off the website) We have not only been nominated for Society of the Year, we have also in the running for event of the year which we organised at the beginning of the year to bring all the societies together for a Games Night. The night attracted over 50 people which included staff, full time officers, student media, calm volunteers and society members. Everyone was split into teams and competed in a number of game. The atmosphere was electric, with laughter and cheering as the teams demonstrated a community, as each team battled it out to be crowned the winner. In the end it felt like nobody went home a loser as there was something for everyone to laugh at… especially as a few of the boys insisting on doing the vocals for Rockband despite being slightly off key.On a personal level i have been nominated for most outstanding achievement award which was a huge surpirse to me. I'm proud just to be nominated. But if i could sacrifice not winning that and winning Society of the Year i'd do it in a heartbeat.

6. What are your plans for Games Society after you graduate from Leeds MET?
I've got mixed feelings really, i don't want to see it just disappearing like a lot of other societies especially after working so hard to get links with Ubisoft and PopCap but i also don't want to pass it on to people who aren't as dedicated as the current committee. There's a little part of me that wants to carry on and just ask people to become event organisers and promoters, only being 40 minutes way i'm more than willing to drive up on nights and help out. Hopefully by winning an award will attract someone as dedicated and take full reigns. 

7. Is there anything you'd like to add? 

I just hope in 10 years time i can look back and say i founded that society and that it becomes more successful as it already is. 
Not much happening really, having a chilled out easter weekend. More or less finished the short comic scene for Jade's Ransom need to put it together and put a story to it :) thats about it really
Just spent a week realising the website I spent most of a day on was utterly useless as no one could view it. Why I chose that hosting site i dont know! (Matthew Burnil influence) Anyway I've decided ill use this blog to update my personal diary needed for Uni so i remember what i actually did on a daily basis! 


    Working non stop nearly 24 hours a day. Thank god for Xbox


    April 2012